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Aug 07 2018

6 Aug 2018 My Favorite Scene


I've written a lot of scenes over the past four years since I first started writing novels, but I believe my favorite will always be a horrifying scene where Nicky James is almost killed from my second novel. I spent hours sorting it out in my head to get it just the way I wanted it. I've included the scene below. If you like it you might enjoy reading the rest of Nicky's story in "Best Laid Plans." 

As the truck passed by her slowly, she saw it was Michael. She looked away quickly, but it was too late. The truck squealed to a stop in the middle of the road, and he jumped out with the engine still running and dashed across the street toward her. She took off running, but the new weight in front of her slowed her down. He caught her by the arm and spun her around. He stared at her pregnant belly. Nicky’s heart beat loudly in her chest and her mouth went dry. She tried to pull away, but he just gripped her arm tighter with each move she made.

“Michael, let me go.” Nicky gasped, taking in quick, labored breaths.

“Who knows that’s my kid in there?” Michael said too loudly as he bent close to her ear. He reeked of stale beer and cigarettes. When she didn’t answer, he slapped her face. The cold, damp air intensified the sting. “Answer me, bitch!” He was unsteady on his feet, and the stench of sour alcohol turned her sensitive stomach.

“No one,” she squeaked again, her voice barely audible. She pulled again with all her strength to get away from him, and her feet slid out from under her on the wet concrete. When she fell, she pulled Michael on top of her, and his heavy bulk landed on her extended stomach. Nicky screamed as the pain hit her like a dull blade that had stabbed through her. She sucked in air, and her whole body shook with fear. She pushed his mostly dead weight off her with an inhuman strength and struggled to her feet. Nicky tried to get away, but as she stood to run she nearly doubled over. She wrapped both arms tightly around her belly and cried out as she struggled to move forward. She managed a few steps before her legs gave out, and she fell to the sidewalk, banging and scraping both knees as she went down. She tried to crawl forward, but Michael grabbed her leg and pulled her back to where he still lay. He held her down with one large hand, pushing heavily on her chest.

“You little bitch!” Michael pushed himself up to a sitting position while putting all his weight on her. She struggled for air as he crushed her lungs. He reached into his pocket with his free hand, and Nicky screamed when she recognized the fake-wood handle of his pocket knife. She instinctually wrapped her arms around her cramping middle. “I told you I wanted you to have an abortion. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.” He flipped the blade open with a single, swift movement.

“Michael, no.” She was barely audible as she drew in small gasps of air. Her vision was narrowing, and she struggled to stay conscious. She tried to fight, but his strength overwhelmed her. He pulled up her blouse and exposed her rounded, taut skin. The shock of the cold damp air on her belly brought her to full consciousness, and she kicked and struggled beneath him, yelling “Help!” with all her energy and remaining air.

Michael dropped the knife and slapped her face. Nicky tried to turn her head back and forth in an effort to get free, but he’d completely cut off her airway. She looked up at him, pleading with her eyes. He scowled, eyebrows bunched together, and cursed at her through gritted teeth. His chilling expression was the last image Nicky saw.

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